Our Representatives

Name Username Country Language Contacts
kamper83 kamper83
Polish, English
Thomas Milton inveexp
VIP Kevin Cote DigitalShredda
VIP Don Keating Donnyboy8
Antonio Maraj AMaraj
Carolyn Khor carolynkhor
English, Chinese
bit-meister bit-meister
Japanese, English
Konstantin BurdiladzeZevidan
English, Russian
Alexander Kornienko LeX
Mateus Gomes Alves mateus29
Portuguese, English, Spanish

Representative Program

We offer to your attention the Representative Program (further the Program) which will give the chance to each Representative not only to expand a circle of the interests, but also will give new opportunities of profit receiving, significantly having increased your wellbeing. In this section you can study main conditions of the “Representative” status providing, know some advantages, which gives this Program, and also to learn how to obtain the "Representative" status.

Main Provisions

The Representative has to read the following requirements (Requirements to the Representative):

  • Provide in any possible way possible assistance and the help to each client of CryptoSolutions who will can ask the Representative for such help or make an appropriate request for consultation;
  • Provide in any possible way possible assistance in development of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited, and also to support our business reputation;
  • Know on the high level of the basic principles of company's work and understand the basics principles and nuances, which directly affect on the cryptocurrencies trading process, and also know about investments plans, etc.

The Representative has the right for:

  • the increased referral reward;
  • access to a support and management of the Representative Program;
  • opportunity for processing of payment requests firstly;
  • other preferences which can be introduced by management of CryptoSolutions PTY Limited in an additional incentives kind.

Four mandatory points for the "Representative" status obtaining.

  • one-time active deposit from $200 to the Crypto1 investment offer only, which has been made on the moment of the "Representative" status obtaining;
  • e-mail;
  • correctly completed Representative Request.
  • To obtain the “Representative” status can only ordinary investor. NOT the monitorings, The Blogs about investments etc.

The referral reward, which provided for the persons received the “Representative” status. Referral reward for the Representative is provided in amount of +3% to appropriate referral reward, which will get the ordinary investor for deposits of his referrals. For example.If your referral has made a deposit to Crypto1 investment offer, your referral reward as ordinary investor will be 6% from invested amount of your referral. But if you has obtained the “Representative” status, your referral reward wil be 9% for the the invested amount of your referral.

Representative Request (Must send at [email protected]).

  • Your name;
  • Your user name;
  • Type the amount of your deposit;
  • Your website (for advertising offers);
  • E-mail address;
  • Type your accounts in social networks;
  • Your country of residence or business;
  • Your preferred language of communication;
  • Your second language (if you know it).