In order to make a deposit, you have login to your CryptoSolutions Account, using your username and password.

Further you perform the following operations:

Click the "Make deposit" button
  • Select an investment plan.
  • 2
    In the Amount to Spend ($) row type the amount, which you want to invest.
  • Select the electronic payment system, using which you will perform investment.
  • 4
    Click the Spend button.
  • Click the Process button.

Further you will be redirected on the website of electronic payment system, which you have chosen.

After payment of the order, the system will redirect you back to our site again.

To check your deposit, click the "Your deposits" button. And there you will see your deposit, which has been placed exactly on that investment plan, which you have chosen.

Congratulations, now you're an investor of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company!

Attention! The deposits made with use of BitCoin electronic payment system can be credited by this payment system till 48 hours. It is explained by features of payment orders processing of the BitCoin payment system.