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Tax Policy

CryptoSolutions PTY Limited always aims to be tax compliant and our tax policy reflects and supports our business. All taxes and charges are paid according to local laws and regulations in the countries where CryptoSolutions PTY Limited operates. As a good corporate citizen CryptoSolutions PTY Limited sees tax as an important part of its social responsibility. Over the years CryptoSolutions PTY Limited has applied a conservative and cautious tax policy. CryptoSolutions PTY Limited complies with the OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines, which means that the profits are allocated and taxed where the value is created.

CryptoSolutions PTY Limited pays its taxes at the appropriate times and provides any relevant information requested by the appropriate tax authority without delay in order to accurately establish the company’s tax liabilities.

CryptoSolutions PTY Limited strives for good professional and transparent relationships with the tax authorities. CryptoSolutions PTY Limited adheres to local rules and regulations on documentation retention requirements. CryptoSolutions PTY Limited therefore always documents its communications with the tax authorities, which are logged in a separate e-room.

As a minimum, each tax-paying entity within the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited should document and retain all information required to determine the taxable amount and related taxation, such as accounting workbooks and sheets, files and other documentation.

CryptoSolutions PTY Limited does not own any factories, but instead buys its products from independent suppliers in production countries located mainly in Asia and Europe. As CryptoSolutions PTY Limited buys large volumes of software, hardware and other related products in these countries, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited contributes by creating jobs for many, many people. For many countries, these jobs, created by companies within the electronic and cryptocurrencies industry such as CryptoSolutions PTY Limited, spark further industrial development and help to lift individuals and nations out of poverty.